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Disco Bloodbath

1h 26m LGBTQI, Exploitation, Society 2022

Anything goes in Disco Bloodbath.

From the back alleys and underground clubs of Karangahape Road, this film follows the politics and individual characters that shaped this iconic event.

The Disco Bloodbath event was created in 2015 out of frustration with the Auckland drag scene and its limitations on performers. Designed to be a subversive drag and cabaret show where almost nothing was off limits, the film observes the integral members of the troupe as it rapidly gains popularity and gradually morphs into something beyond what its original performers wanted it to be.

In this World Premiere, director Palmer captures the personality of K’ Road. Disco Bloodbath wholeheartedly embraces the fringe of Aotearoa’s queer communities, providing a space that should welcome anyone, that is, if internal politics don’t get in the way.

After being created in Auckland in 2015 as a place where no thematic limits were put on an artist’s choice of performance, Disco Bloodbath’s popularity skyrocketed. Crowds flocked to see the carnage at the outer limits of artistic expression, but when the group eventually hits the limit to what an audience will tolerate, the strong new friendships dramatically disintegrate.

Filmed over two years, follow the core performers and managers to see how their love for each other survives or dies in an extreme environment.

Ultimately, a spectacular surprising ending defines how important Disco Bloodbath really was to the community that loved it.

Winner: Best NZ Emmerging Filmmaker


Marcus Palmer




New Zealand