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In the Shadow of Beirut

1h 32m Youth/Family, War/Conflict/Refugees 2023

Kelly and Keane’s cinematic and powerful film captures the stark reality of life in Beirut’s Sabra and Shatila neighbourhoods. The film follows four families over 4 years and depicts the harsh rituals of their daily lives as they struggle for survival in a city and country on the brink of financial collapse. Through extraordinary access, the filmmakers open a window into an unseen world to unfold a collection of utterly compelling human narratives filled with resilience and hope. In quiet, intimate moments, the vulnerability of people living in the shadows of this once-great city fills the screen.

Winner: Best International Feature, Best International Cinematography, Best Festival Catehory: Our World, Our Stories

Brendan J. Byrne

Cyprus Avenues Films

+44 7816 777976


Garry Keane


Brendan Byrne


Christian Beetz


Myriam Sassine

Executive Producer

Siobhan Sinnerton




United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Lebanon

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