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Live Till I Die

1h 14m health, Family, Aging 2022

In an elderly home on the outskirts of Stockholm, many of the residents will soon turn 100 years old. Some of them didn’t even know each other’s names until an activity coach was hired to break the solitude.

With a warm, extroverted personality and a bunch of daring ideas, Monica reawakens their youthful spirits, turning them into a playful gang who are always ready to crack an unexpected joke or participate in spa sessions, boxing lessons and themed dinners.

Ella, a 99-year-old gracious and cheerful lady who doesn’t have any close family, develops a very strong connection to Monica. When Ella must have her leg amputated and her health worsens, Monica organises a big celebration for her 100th birthday and takes her back to the village where she grew up. Though rewarding, this whole experience becomes an emotional marathon for Monica who needs to face her fear of losing the people around her.

Live Till I Die explores what it means to live life to the fullest on the last hundred metres while embracing with humour, candour and dignity the ups and downs of ageing and care in late life.

The film is currently edited in 3 versions: Feature: 73’ TV Hour: 58’ Short: 23’

Marina-Evelina Cracana

Film and Tell

+46 73 664 35 44