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Twice Colonized

1h 32m History, Conflict, women, Indigenous 2023

Aaju Peter is a Greenlandic Inuit lawyer and activist fighting for the human rights of Indigenous peoples of the Arctic. She is also struggling with personal traumas, including the loss of her youngest son. Director Alluna follows Aaju as she launches an effort to establish an Indigenous forum at the European Union and works to bring justice to both Canadian and Danish colonizers. Aaju’s journey takes her back to her origins, as she revisits the places and traumas that shaped her life. The film is an inspiring and emotional exploration of the poisonous effects of colonialism and one woman’s struggle to transform hardship into hope.

Immy Sutton

Autlook Filmsales

+43 670 208 7881


Lin Alluna


Mark Bukdahl


Danish, English, Greenlandic, Kalaallisut, Inukitut



Closed Captions [CC]



Canada, Denmark, Greenland